Above: John McCormack, Director of Maintenance

General Maintenance

APG Cirrus Center has qualified technicians to fix or maintain your engine components or do a complete engine replacement, if necessary. Our Cirrus Aircraft Service Center is also experienced with cylinder replacement or top overhauls to get you back in the air quickly and safely. Our mechanics are A&P/IA certified and Cirrus Aircraft factory-trained. All work at APG Cirrus Center is performed in accordance with the latest Cirrus Design Inspection Checklists. Each airplane will have a thorough A.D. Note Compliance List completed and placed in the aircraft’s records folder.

Engine Services

We provide quality equipment such as Sky-Tec starters. Sky-Tec carries some of the lightest weight starters in the industry and we are pleased to offer them to you.

Plane Power alternators are among the best and most affordable in the general aviation industry. Commonizing on a small number of modern lightweight alternator designs, the Plane-Power line developed a variety of mounting kits to custom fit their alternators to the large variety of general aviation engines and aircraft. At APG, our technicians are experts in this field and will have you back in the air as quickly as safely possible.” Plane Power